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"They are saying 'he is dead'...Is he?

If you asked me, I’d say I couldn’t care less what’s making headliners at the moment. After the long awaited, elegant wedding of Prince Williams and Kate made news around the globe, America felt the need to also  make a bigger headline by announcing the supposed death of Osama bin Laden. Who wouldn’t like to hear that the man that had sent shivers running through the files, screens, camps, hide outs, what not; of the CIA, and America as a nation, was not captured, but killed eventually? I mean, this man had been a bane to America and what better way to put the minds of America and the “world” at rest, than to kill Osama? At least there wouldn’t be further security measures to complain about, especially when it “invades” on people’s privacy as the citizens have been clamouring an end to the existing ones? How would America issue Visa to investors or grow its economy, when everyone’s afraid of an unsuspecting bomb blast? Who would want to keep coming to America for holidays, knowing their embassies around the globe could be a target for Al-Qaeda or the Taliban, and other nameless, faceless bombers?
Why would immigrants come to study in Harvard if they can afford it, knowing they could be returned home in a box (if they return)? And who would want to remain friends with America if they cannot achieve the mission of killing one single person, who has got no financial means of competing with United States, or has the technology required in making weapons of mass destruction, or even the manpower to overtake the almighty America, who, is just a mortal? The unsuccessful attempts of the Bush administration did not put him or America on the world map as” victorious”! America dare not fail, ever; it is not allowed! And so, it was that it was that, the world awoke on Monday morning to hear what was broadcast around the world (CNN is everywhere incase you are wondering), that, Osama Bin Laden had been shot dead in a shoot-out somewhere in Pakistan. And then, the celebrations began! Victory at last!
There was a part of the news that said,” America would observe every Islamic rites in handling the body of Osama”. The follow up of that was, “his body had been thrown into sea to avoid the followers from making his burial site a shrine”. Let me educate you a bit, free of charge-In case you are wondering if that was possible, if the militants, these terrorists. These fundamentalists would really turn his tombstone or grave into a shrine, the answer is a capital “ NO”! These were the same set of people that took their tenets of Islam to the extreme. Extremity here means that, they do not take pleasure in things of the world. They are too extreme that they would just bury their dead with a piece of cloth. Their understanding and practice of Islam is so unwavering that, they would NEVER throw a corpse into the sea. The dead are usually “BURIED”! I think America should have consulted the Muslim Scholars to learn about “handling Osama’s body with all Islamic rites” ‘cause, discarding his body into the sea, feeding it to the sharks actually isn’t an Islamic rite. And have you heard? That some people are “Doubting Thomas’s”? They refuse to believe Osama’s actually dead! I mean people could be so difficult to convince you know? That’s one of the complexities of the human mind. They asking “where is his dead body”…I say, if Osama Bin Laden was actually shot in the “head” and “chest” (note: Not on his back, shoulder, arm, or leg, that means he would have lived, he could have survived gunshot wounds to these spots. So it had to be the head like Robert Kennedy’s last shot to the head which he didn’t survive as we all know), if he was actually shot dead (never mind not seeing the body, it’s just being respectful of the dead), then Queen Elizabeth is my mother!


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