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This past weekend...

I knew it was going to be a hectic weekend. But I was determined to go through with my driving lessons come what may. I had got used to ,making excuses of doing chores(which never really ends anyway).And since hubby’s away on a trip, I figured this was the right time to commence, afterall, the person that’s offered to show me the ropes volunteered and I am not paying a dime (Learners’ Examination isn’t free for your information). Finally, amidst the office’s lack of activity, while resolving issues with disgruntled clients, I decided to go to the Traffic and Licensing Office on Tuesday-I broke the jinx. I had my eye test (I think I partially flunked that! Rolling my eyes now! Never mind). And my learners’ Examination is scheduled for 29th of August. Yes, another date, but now I know better. I shall not repeat my mistake, God help me. And am somewhat looking forward to writing the exams. I believe am ready. All I need do before the date is revise, unlike before where everything seemed so confusing and didn’t really make any sense. Having taken driving lessons on Saturday, it even made more sense. What’s been making so much sense and becoming more meaningful are the Road Signs. My first preparation taught me a lot on that. And knowing the various motor parts has been of immense help. They would seem so ordinary to an experienced driver, but for a novice like myself that’s still learning to balance between the Brake Pedals and the Clutch it feels like teaching a child to eat decently using a cutlery than just clearing the dish on ten fingers. I can’t say I have got the confidence to see me through to the ‘expert’ stage at this moment. I’m going to just take it slowly and one step at a time, God help me! I was composed and not as nervous as probably expected. So, I think I’m going to end up surprising myself (that’s because am doubting my ability to drive a Car)…Time will tell, God spare our lives.
The thing about motherhood is that, as cliched as it sounds, it comes naturally. Some things happen that you would not need a guide for, or even query anyone about. Child upbringing is dynamic and you will find that, what works for you might turn out to be a taboo for someone else, especially where there are different cultural backgrounds. Before now, I have been treating my kids like” the kids that they are” and I never really though that I could hold a conversation with either of them. I have been wrong! Recently, my five-year old daughter has made me see clearer and proved me wrong. I wouldn’t mince words in saying that, the new school she commenced in January further reaffirmed her self esteem and boosted her confidence (she’s never lacked in that department though). Her brother on the other hand is the shy one, not reserved, just shy. He sometimes gets moody, an habit am not condoning because he wasn’t that way three years back. He’s very warm, very affectionate and fun to be around. My emphasis on him growing wrinkles before he grows old, if he continues to frown has been working wonders            (I mean that by the way). He’s regaining his confidence back and I keep reminding him that he used to be a very happy and loving toddler…He then asks more of what he did as a toddler; imagine that!
Since he likens himself to ‘Spiderman’, as a Super-Hero, I try not to indulge him by reminding him that, it’s just T.V and that it’s not real. He’s getting it now. But on Saturday evening, he wasn’t doing his stunts when he got hurt. It was an innocent accident, caused by his sister, his very restless, energetic and hyperactive baby sister. I had to call the Ambulance Service because I knew it was beyond me. He had cuts on his three middle fingers, the left hand thankfully. But the middle finger had a deep cut and that was the reason for the ambulance, I didn’t need a doctor to tell me would need a stitch. Everything happened so fast and so unexpected because they had been fine the entire day and I never foresaw that coming. There’s always ‘something’ to be grateful for, if only you’d look closer. So I was grateful that his fingers were still intact and that it was his left hand, since he’s right-handed. I was weary of sending him off to school today but he’s too active to be restricted. I know my words would still ring a bell in his ears since they were announced in his own interest. I cannot imagine him playing as rough as he’s used to, without getting the sore fingers bleeding again…Kids will be kids!


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