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A plea...

They make me feel like am whining. I look around and when I see my fellow country people, seemingly comfortable and almost uncaring or undisturbed; I often wonder if am the only person whining about missing home so much. But apparently, am not alone in that  thought. I have been in conversations with a few ladies and they also seem to share my feelings. Infact, not just  fellow Nigerians, but a colleague here at the office and of different national. But what seem bother me is how much others in Diaspora have completely lost touch with their roots and seem to be compensated by the comfort of the West. I strongly believe home is home, no matter the comfort. One thing is certain though, the developing nations have lost some of the best of their brains to the developed nations. An incontestable fact as it were. Right here where I am and from my angle of knowledge, there are hundreds of professionals both in the health and the educational sector, who could have contributed to the betterment of  our home country. But who could blame them? Their homecountry has got less to offer, monetary and infrastructure-wise. But here’s my wish, that no matter how long these talented men and women stay abroad, they do not lose sight of reality-That our country in as much as it is our ’Root’, remains dear to their hearts and they think  of returning home some day.
The deeds of our leaders past, have been detrimental rather than benefit the country’s growth and development.  This does not suffice to say we should keep playing the ‘blame game’. There should be more action and less talk. Now , I know it’s easier to point fingers , but that’s my focus , always has been. No doubt, the developed countries have got so much to offer in terms of personal growth and development. But nothing comes without its price. The price of enjoying the benefits abroad is- estranged ties with your families and friends at large. My saying is that-“Can you emigrate every single member of your extended families abroad”? If that were possible, then one could easily discard the thought of being home for any reason. However, that thought is far from reality. So, except for those that have lost ties with families or had none at all to begin with, there will always be that missing piece, that feeling that you left something valuable somewhere, the thought that, “I do not completely belong here”. You may call abroad home, one can have more than one home. My plea is that, we just never forget our roots, however how long we enjoy the comfort abroad-“There is no place like home and “Home is where the heart is”!


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