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Showing posts from September, 2011
It’s been a really long while and I thought I could beat the distractions and disruptions. Well, I hope I would this time around. I may just end up making this one of my many ‘drafts’ that never gets published---I hope not! A lot has happened since last I updated my blog, I don’t even know where to start. Alright, last month was my driver’s learner and I flunked it…don’t feel sorry for me; am no longer bothered about it. Yes, I was the day I wrote the exams, maybe I failed out of negligence and over-confidence. Anyway, it’s out of my way now, and I can move on to something else for now; like my studies for instance. Now that’s a serious subject that’d probably take more space in this blog than anything else I want to write about. Since I registered with the university of south Africa, this year’s been the most hectic, and I thought my first year was. But there’s a progression- my grades are higher now than they were during the first semester in my first year. So am grateful for that. I’…