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It’s been a really long while and I thought I could beat the distractions and disruptions. Well, I hope I would this time around. I may just end up making this one of my many ‘drafts’ that never gets published---I hope not!
A lot has happened since last I updated my blog, I don’t even know where to start.
Alright, last month was my driver’s learner and I flunked it…don’t feel sorry for me; am no longer bothered about it. Yes, I was the day I wrote the exams, maybe I failed out of negligence and over-confidence. Anyway, it’s out of my way now, and I can move on to something else for now; like my studies for instance. Now that’s a serious subject that’d probably take more space in this blog than anything else I want to write about. Since I registered with the university of south Africa, this year’s been the most hectic, and I thought my first year was. But there’s a progression- my grades are higher now than they were during the first semester in my first year. So am grateful for that. I’m getting the feedback for my assignments back and it’s ranged from credit to distinction. Again, am grateful for that. But it didn’t happen without a lot of worrying, anxiety, apprehension, disruption, unlimited and unending distractions, uncertainties, doubts, hopes, wishes, prayers; I mean what not!
We held a training last month and the delegates were the first bath of three. The second batch we just concluded theirs in Dubai last weekend. It afforded us a privilege of seeing the Gulf for the very first time. And boy, I tell you, it was a sight to behold. I was just recounting the trip to my bossom friend some minutes ago. And let me also mention here that, when next we plan to travel that side of the world, the weather would be my first consideration and am seriously hoping it wouldn’t be a ‘working vacation’ like this past one. We needed more time to move around and travel to Abu Dhabi and some other places. I’ve never seen a more beautiful city. Okay, maybe probably because I didn’t get to travel much while in the UK, but the elegance of Dubai was no overstatement. The magnificence of their airport made our pride of Africa-the O R Tambo international airport here in Johannesburg south Africa looked like a kitchen in a main building. It was a sight to behold. I couldn’t help but be awed by the level of technology and the fuel was cheap in comparison to SA that is. That’s no surprise…they have that in abundance. Okay< it’s almost about time to pack and round up for the day. So I better post this right away before I’m interrupted, again!


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