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Don’t you just get pissed when people fail to do their jobs? Well I do. I also get furious when people argue ignorantly. I’ve had to deal with such situations, almost concurrently. But am keeping my cool, I can’t afford to lose it!
I wrote my first of five exams yesterday, and I must say it wasn’t one of my best . Poor preparations has been over my shoulders since the commencement of this semester. It’s been utterly impossible to ignore the distractions---they were in my face, when I breathe, when I sleep, wake, everytime, all the time. Now I’m not going to whine, but I must be blunt and objective, I need more than just flipping through the pages of the textbooks to make this examination through. I need proper studying, focus, comprehension and assimilation. Yesterday was a trial and it confirmed my anxiety as far as this examination’s concerned. Writing the exam in this manner isn’t my style, the circumstance has resulted to me browsing through to do assignments  and it has stretched further into the exam period. God help me!
As much as I usually like to get things done in a very organized manner, plan ahead and prepare fully, it doesn’t always happen that way, e.g. what I stated above. I’ve been trying to get a committee in order to relieve myself of the huge expectations of my reunion group on Facebook. I have eventually succeeded in getting a number of people I want to ‘entrust’ with the planning, some days ago. I was able to make a draft of what I referred to as ‘guidelines’ and sent a mail to the head of the committee. But that’s only the beginning, there’s still so much to be done. I pray we make it through to the luncheon, God on our side!
At the homefront, it’s equally been hectic, with hubby being abroad and me having to shoulder some of his duties, it’s not being a walk in the park. Well, am still standing, so I can only pray and hope that it gets better. I can’t even express my ‘fears’ at this point and avenue now. It would sound pessimistic and negative. Now we don’t want that…Positive attitude is what we need. Optimism is the key word! So, I better get started!
Have a lovely day!


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