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Anxiety and uncertainty are buddies now!

I was anxious to get my results, but uncertainty has killed that. I think I graded my scores before the results were released and now,I've given up on expecting a miracle...the deed has already been done.

Holidays are here again,at least a long one this time around. I almost can't believe these kids have got up to four weeks to be home (or be away). The system needs to change, it's too strainous by default and I wonder if they want these learners to learn anything besides what goes on in the classroom,in life.I don't like the SA educational system,not in the least.And I will always compare it with what's operational back home. I see no reason why one,two,three or even a fifth grader needs to learn by being in school all through the year.Yes,you'read' me right,"All through the year".Holidays always fall between two consecutive months.It's just crazy and I wonder why parents aren't complaining.I hope we'll be able to make the best use of…

got my laptop fixed today,at long last!

It's been eight torturous months of my laptop not being my 'lap top'. It was about time and am grateful hubby offered to get it fixed for me.I almost forgot what it feels like using this laptop.
Well exams're very much over and all result should,as announced be released by the 12th of this month, which is less than a week away. I need to be at the Unisa service centre to sort out my mixed-up finance.Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to get my results and that also means "no registration"...
Oh!By the way, did I mention that am looking forward to this holiday even though I've got no plans?Well,it just so happens that we may not go on that road trip afterall.And as usual,I do not want to set up myself for disappointment...I guess we'd just have to wait and see then.Am sleepy,but needed to do this now as am sleepy...
Sweet dreams!