Friday, December 30, 2011

REFLECTIONS: Don’t let them fool you…not another Bob Marley lyrics!

REFLECTIONS: Don’t let them fool you…not another Bob Marley lyrics!

Don’t let them fool you…not another Bob Marley lyrics!

If you have ever bothered to check my Facebook profile, you would have known by now (assuming you didn’t before that is) that I am a MUSLIM, and proudly so too! Let me quickly give you a hint about the family background of people from southern Nigeria. It is such that, you’re either born into a Muslim family with some cousins, aunts, nephews, nieces, neighbours, friends or even parents, yes, even parents, both or either, practicing a different faith. So it’s no surprise neither is it strange to have someone like me fall into that class. Although, both my parents are of same faith, but my step-mom is not, a Ghanaian by nationality and neither are some of my cousins with whom I share a very close bond. Do not even get me started on school mates, neighbours, friends and people I have come to know from our line of business and have shared close relations with. I happen to have attended one of the Missionary established schools in Lagos state. Although not a direct one, but an extension of a missionary school dated back to the 18th century and owned by the Baptists. I was born in the north, but bred in Lagos state. Lagos is majorly the multi-cultural state in Nigeria, before any other, being a cosmopolitan city. It is very unlikely that you’ll find a community consisting of a ‘single’ faith- it is usually a mixture of Christianity and Islam, albeit one dominant over the other. And for this reason, we have cohabited by choice and sometimes by circumstance for as long as history can relate.
It would be an incomplete history and a shy away from the truth if I omit the fact that, we’ve had several unrests, chaos and demonstrations that has led to the loss of lives as a result of cultural/religious clashes in Lagos state. It wasn’t an absolute state of harmony, but I tell you it hasn’t recorded sordid ordeals or sheer cruelty and inhumane attacks on innocent lives; that has formed the pattern of the northern Nigeria. However, there is a huge difference that the public may be blinded from in order to misguide and misinform them---“The state of anarchy as I refer to the lawlessness in some part of Northern Nigeria, were not “religiously” motivated crimes, but with a huge “Political” backing and instigation. I tell you, I have studied Politics before, but I am no fan of that subject. It has just been something I cannot wish away, because I am interested in knowing what goes on around me. So am not going into politics, besides it’s a very boring subject for some.
The AIM of the recent attacks of Christians by the so-called Boko Haram (translates thus: Education is forbidden-how deluded and ironic for those who claim to understand Islam, which on the contrary preaches the compulsory acquisition of knowledge from cradle to grave!), is politically motivated and its sole aim is to make Nigeria ungovernable.., It isn’t about Muslims and Christians hating each other that much and wanting to eliminate one another. But religion has always been a sensitive subject and what better way to achieve their dubious devilish plans by playing on sentiments? Even clashes that should be referred to as “ethnic” would be labeled “Christians against Muslims” as it seems to get them results faster. My fellow Nigerians, I beg of you with everything you hold dear, do not let these ruthless politicians use you as tools to achieve their aims. By “hating” each other, we are letting them win this battle. We cannot and should not let them turn us against each other. We cannot suddenly become foes of families, friends, course mates, classmates, neighbours, business associates, I mean you just name it; with whom you have shared close-knit, outings, celebrations, marital ties, food (which was never poisoned), anything and everything you can think of. People who have not hurt you in the name of religion, betrayed your trust in the name of religion, stabbed you in the back in the name of Islam, harm you in the name of Islam, people whom you have known and have even referred to as ‘Close friends’ or ‘families’ before now. If we allow that to happen, then we have been defeated and have let these heartless and selfish politicians achieve their aim. We are not like them, so please, do not “think” or    “act “ like them”!The Muslims are not your enemies, corrupt, dubious, heartless, selfish, greedy Ungodly politicians are. Don’t let them fool you…

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Anxiety and uncertainty are buddies now!

I was anxious to get my results, but uncertainty has killed that. I think I graded my scores before the results were released and now,I've given up on expecting a miracle...the deed has already been done.

Holidays are here again,at least a long one this time around. I almost can't believe these kids have got up to four weeks to be home (or be away). The system needs to change, it's too strainous by default and I wonder if they want these learners to learn anything besides what goes on in the classroom,in life.I don't like the SA educational system,not in the least.And I will always compare it with what's operational back home. I see no reason why one,two,three or even a fifth grader needs to learn by being in school all through the year.Yes,you'read' me right,"All through the year".Holidays always fall between two consecutive months.It's just crazy and I wonder why parents aren't complaining.I hope we'll be able to make the best use of this holiday as a family, God help us.

I may be driving sooner than expected....No,I haven't got a driver's license yet,but I may be getting a car first.Actually,not me,hubby would get me a car because we both need it.It'd be a huge relief for him and I'm probably going to be driving more than I would be walking!God help me not to get two times bigger!Okay,now that am already aware that could happen,then I'd prevent it from happening by ensuring I become regular with my skipping daily...perhaps,with a few aerobics too.

So,I haven't even been writing,no poems,no journals and no blog updates (until now). My head was filled with so much thoughts I considered an 'audio journal'. As you can tell,I didn't go through with it..eyes rolling now!There's just something about this place that hasn't been uplifting...or maybe am just being plain lazy.But hey,wait a minute,I haven't been completely lazy.I have been sewing again,more like amending,adjusting actually.I've also been designing my pairs of jeans....So,besides not writing,I'm doing other things.Oh!lest I forget,I have also been doing a lot of washing,dishes and laundry.So much so that it made me realise I need some supplements as my nails have suffered for that extensive washing.
It's going to be a long weekend,it's a public holiday tomorrow.I mean,back home,I would have made a valuable use of that time outdoors. But here---nowhere to go!It may as well end up being a dry,drab,sloppy,boring and tiring weekend...or not!I will let you know how that goes.Peace out!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

got my laptop fixed today,at long last!

It's been eight torturous months of my laptop not being my 'lap top'. It was about time and am grateful hubby offered to get it fixed for me.I almost forgot what it feels like using this laptop.
Well exams're very much over and all result should,as announced be released by the 12th of this month, which is less than a week away. I need to be at the Unisa service centre to sort out my mixed-up finance.Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to get my results and that also means "no registration"...
Oh!By the way, did I mention that am looking forward to this holiday even though I've got no plans?Well,it just so happens that we may not go on that road trip afterall.And as usual,I do not want to set up myself for disappointment...I guess we'd just have to wait and see then.Am sleepy,but needed to do this now as am sleepy...
Sweet dreams!