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Anxiety and uncertainty are buddies now!

I was anxious to get my results, but uncertainty has killed that. I think I graded my scores before the results were released and now,I've given up on expecting a miracle...the deed has already been done.

Holidays are here again,at least a long one this time around. I almost can't believe these kids have got up to four weeks to be home (or be away). The system needs to change, it's too strainous by default and I wonder if they want these learners to learn anything besides what goes on in the classroom,in life.I don't like the SA educational system,not in the least.And I will always compare it with what's operational back home. I see no reason why one,two,three or even a fifth grader needs to learn by being in school all through the year.Yes,you'read' me right,"All through the year".Holidays always fall between two consecutive months.It's just crazy and I wonder why parents aren't complaining.I hope we'll be able to make the best use of this holiday as a family, God help us.

I may be driving sooner than expected....No,I haven't got a driver's license yet,but I may be getting a car first.Actually,not me,hubby would get me a car because we both need it.It'd be a huge relief for him and I'm probably going to be driving more than I would be walking!God help me not to get two times bigger!Okay,now that am already aware that could happen,then I'd prevent it from happening by ensuring I become regular with my skipping daily...perhaps,with a few aerobics too.

So,I haven't even been writing,no poems,no journals and no blog updates (until now). My head was filled with so much thoughts I considered an 'audio journal'. As you can tell,I didn't go through with it..eyes rolling now!There's just something about this place that hasn't been uplifting...or maybe am just being plain lazy.But hey,wait a minute,I haven't been completely lazy.I have been sewing again,more like amending,adjusting actually.I've also been designing my pairs of jeans....So,besides not writing,I'm doing other things.Oh!lest I forget,I have also been doing a lot of washing,dishes and laundry.So much so that it made me realise I need some supplements as my nails have suffered for that extensive washing.
It's going to be a long weekend,it's a public holiday tomorrow.I mean,back home,I would have made a valuable use of that time outdoors. But here---nowhere to go!It may as well end up being a dry,drab,sloppy,boring and tiring weekend...or not!I will let you know how that goes.Peace out!


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