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You know that feeling,when you get a rush of ideas and thoughts that kind of attempts to convince you ,you can "conquer the world"?Yeah!That's pretty much what I've had to handle lately.
With the recurrent crises back home, the bad news just keeps coming and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon. Please pardon my pessimism, but am I actually the only one who feels this way?
We've got a clueless leadership, a bunch of corrupt-ridden losers and some greedy old fools; who don't give a hoot about the image they portray us to be-another 'terrorised underdeveloped African country'...
Inspite of all that's happened, I can't turn my back on my homeland. It just wouldn't work for me. I have no statistics of how many "diasporans" feel the way I do. But there's something in me that  wouldn't just give up on my birthland. perhaps, that's the reason..."It's my birth land". The place where my father met a woman from another part of Africa, who naturalised as a Nigerian, born by parents of diversed nationals, and I came to being through them. I've got the blood of three different African  nationals flowing in my veins and I am proud of that. Some may say it's easier to 'sweet talk' from a distance, but I beg to differ. We all feel what we feel for different reasons and I have a strong inclination the feelings wouldn't change, whether I am in Europe or the United States. There was a time I thought stepping on the soil of America was my "ultimate" aspiration. Somehow, I still have a fantasy I hope to fulfill...stepping on the soil of United States for real, but I don't think my life would be less meaningful if I don't...I may have fantasised a lot as a young child, and still on a discovery journey in life, but I know better now, and certainly know that, one of the greatest losses of life is to forget or be detached from your heritage,to be in denial of your roots, without history, it's a complete loss of identity...Why on earth would I want to deny "who I truly am"? Am I kidding anyone besides myself...Am black, naturalisation won't change that...vitiligo can try but wouldn't even succeed...

Iv'e got 8mins before mid-night and want this post to make June 30th....(to be continued)!!!


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