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I do feel like I abandoned my blog,but I didn't.At least not deliberately,it just so happened.I cannot recall how many times I have had thoughts I wanted to update.But you know,things happen.In my part of the world,internet accessibility (affordability of course) still needs a lot of improvement.So when it wasn't an issue with my broken down laptop, it was a case of poor and annoyingly slow connection.I even attempted blogging on my phone to no avail.But now, I've got the a functional laptop and a fast connection,though I may not have the will to update regularly for other reasons (such as health&wellbeing).
Am not doing any serious studying now as circumstance hindered that progression.But it is something to be grateful for and so-no complaints but gratitude.
The holy month of Ramadan commenced today and fasting has started.Since my lifestyle's practically a typical recluse, I may not be seeing much people around me fasting, except from the T.V perhaps.
The kids have had a three-week break from school and are scheduled to resume next week, God willing.So I've had to put up with their restlessness, giving me something to scream about or some settle their silly cat fights...This post was not planned.It is just to say-"I have not abandoned my blog"!Hope to be updating consequently,all things being equal!


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