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Like an abandoned child...

Some trickles of guilt almost overtook me logging in a few minutes ago. It's almost as if I felt sorry for my blog, for the abandonment. Ridiculous,right? Well, I don't like that I left my blog un-updated for this long. I wish I could have helped it, but you know what they say-"Life happens".
We were blessed by a new addition into the family on the fifteenth of December. An adorable,portable, cute and already 'clever' baby girl. She is simply a joy to watch! She amuses the family like a rehearsed T.V commercial. I haven't seen such an energetic baby, and this started from infancy. She's already three months old now and am certain the entertainment has just begun. I sometimes almost handle her like a toddler, then remind myself that this muscle-flexing baby is just a few months old. She's  got the energy of a toddler that feeds on sugar and I cannot even begin to list the attempts she makes at covering a'milestone' for her age. She's simply an incredible one. I sometimes feel she understands, so I make little talks, like having a conversation with her older sister. Her older brother and sister adore her immensely,they can't get enough of her. I had to give a serious look and some serious scolding before I get them to do their work; because they just want to hold her in their arms (for as long as I allow them) and do nothing else. Now my most popular phrase is-"There is time for everything",followed by,"Do the right thing at the right time"..and other related phrases that comes to mind.I never run out of them!
For my first and the only boy, he is over the moon having another baby sister. And because he's older now, he appreciates the thought better than he did with his immediate younger sister. And the reason's probably because, he was still a toddler himself when he got a younger sibling. So he couldn't play the big brother role well back then. He seems to be bent on making up for that by 'overwhelming' his new baby sister with so much love, affection and attention. It's hard not to notice it because he just can't help himself.
And all these baby talks makes it feel like I've got nothing else doing-wrong!
Pregnancy ensured I paid no attention to other things but staying pregnant and having to deal with the blues-which was over the charts. So school session got cancelled last year, along with the fees paid (no refunds)...and am back with the books as of January, seriously hoping this is finally going to come to an end by November. I feel like I've been studying since forever...I just want to conclude this programme and move on to yet another level of studying...yeah!It's still going to be books, after books, and after books.And am working towards making that happen...
This is a kind of "welcome to 2014" post,never mind that this is March. Am not promising a consistency, but will ensure I do not stay away this long again...


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