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I can't really call it 'bad timing''s just a minor distraction,but a good one. I haven't had an inspiration backed by timeous willingness to write in a long time. And so today,in the middle of my revision (am writing my final exams...spell HECTIC!), I got inspired to put down a few thoughts. I've had a few of those "Words that bite" for sometime now, but never got around to putting any of it down until today.So,here are a few of my "Random thoughts,thinking out loud, Words that bite"!!!HAPPY reading...stay inspired!

My submission on 'dependence' is this: Being human = 'being fallible'. So expect not much from 'anyone'.Willingly or not,disappointments will happen. So rather than HATE that fellow,accept it as one of humans' many flaws.Let your dependence rest alone with your Creator...#Life'sRealities!BMF
One of life's many lessons:Believe it or not,every single one of us has got his/her own battle.We fight different battles because life is made up of opposites. You can see what you think is 'perfect'. Do not be caught-up with illusions and deslusions...nothing is EXACTLY as it seems...there's more than meets the eyes!BMF
Remember that trust is reciprocal. When you're entrusted with a secret,or chosen as a confidant,it means that person believes in your dignity. Do not downgrade yourself from that altitude by being unreliable!BMF
If you've ever made a mistake, then you'd understand human's imperfection. Forgiveness is not an easy route, but you need to move on and cleanse yourself of that dark spot,make room for a peaceful 'you'!Let the bigger person!BMF
I am what I am...
I have my dreams,
I have ambitions
I have aspired
I've stayed inspired
I have walked, stumbled,
But rose again...
Quitters ain't winners
Am resolute, because I am strong,
I am no victim,
I am a survivor,
I am a conqueror...
I believe, I am hopeful,but mostly,
I am faithful
I believe in a Higher Supremacy,
My Creator,my Guardian!
I am just like you...
I am only human!BMF


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