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still on the random thoughts...thinkingOutLoud!

I multi-task,very much so.But, there are certain things I'd rather not mix together. I consciously would not mix serious studying with anything not so important-such as my hobbies. But,writing makes me break this unwritten rule. Here's my reason-these thoughts are over-ridden by other thoughts if I put off writing when the thoughts are flowing,just like it did today. Sometimes too, I let go if it's one of those thoughts that reoccurs. For obvious reasons, to me at least; I'm not excited about the fact that am writing my final exams. At least, not yet. I have had a huge struggle with my studies this entire session.It hasn't been the easiest of times to stay focused.Like everything else, studying has been demanding,so has playing the role of a mother, a wife,a serious student;amongst other minor yet equally vital roles. The reality is-it can't be easy studying, mixing studies with marital duties,as an open distant learner...One needs to stay focused even though one is distracted.You have to keep going when forging ahead isn't the easiest option. It remains your "best" option. Your goal has to remain imprinted on your mind every single breath you take.I had to continually flash back and remember how far I've come. And then remind myself that, the tougher times are actually behind me-I've done tougher modules and managed to pass them once. This is a feat that didn't come by chance, many sacrifices had to be made; and thankfully it paid off. This past semester in particular had been a trying one-I passed when I expected to fail. This was affirmed by my very low grades-the lowest in the entire period I've spent studying this course. But I'm a firm believer in the saying of winners not being quitters. All I want now is to pass and not have to repeat any of the four modules am writing exams on this final semester. And look ahead towards obtaining my First Degree-after a decade and half of aiming for that qualification. It's been a long hurdle, a high mountain that seemed insurmountable-but am at the end. Am indeed grateful for being kept alive to recount and reminisce. On my finger tips,I can count the number of people who have passed away, whom I knew directly. And that's life,when a journey ends for some,others have to keep moving...and so the journey continues!I do not take life for granted,I am determined to make the best of the time I've got, to make a positive difference in the world, in my own little way-by words, by actions, and by all means at my good deed at a help me God!!! 


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