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The Truth is Bitter,But Needs To Be Told-*Words That bite series* (ctd).

School of H^A^R^D K"N"O"C"K"S>>>

We usually blame people under who's care we were trained and modelled, for our troubles or wrong turns in life. But here's the harsh, candid truth- there's an expiry date for blaming anyone for your troubles. You cannot blame your parents for life, if they failed to raise you well. You cannot blame your guardians and or anyone who was supposed to look after you till adulthood and beyond. If you're old enough to comprehend what am saying, then you're old enough to make your own life choices. You can become a better person from how you were born, where you were raised and who raised you-the onus is on YOU!Take responsibility for your decisions and actions.Take charge of your life.
Move past your 'past'...Don't stay still,keep moving! -BMF


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