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What am passionate about…

I can't call it a 'Writer's block' because I haven't really got started. There are a few things I enjoy doing and a few am passionate about. I enjoy hair making, I find it relaxing (when my two girls cooperate, that is). I love to sew (if only I knew how to sew properly) and I've resolved to learn the basics when I can really spare the time. I enjoy crocheting (the story of my crochet is same as the sewing) But don't get me wrong, I've tried my hands on a few things, the simple and uncomplicated ones. I've managed to sew a number of casual wears for everyone in the house, except the newest ten month old addition to the family. From simple gowns to dresses…and I can mend almost anything that can go under the sewing machine. I've always had a skill for stitching and mending clothes by hand needle, for as long as I can recall. If I were not stubborn and in denial of my femininity, I'd have been earning money from sewing. But I think that's actually the problem- I do not intend to do it as a profession or as a means of making money. To me, it's just a hobby, like hair braiding, like writing (Ok, maybe not writing because that's actually one skill I certainly want to earn five figures (or more from-wink). There's something about sewing I feel that I haven't been able to put into words. It's just the way I like watching home make-over shows, taking intense interest in the decoration, seeing the latest technology, being fascinated by kitchen designs, admiring the space and how there's room for everything- Oh! my, I confess, I'm looking forward to my dream home sometime in the future, God willing. So what am just trying to say is that, I love that aspect of home, and the building, and how everything just takes shape from a bare land to something you can actually call a 'home'. Fascinating! But inspite all these, I cannot consider my 'future' career in Interior designs, or construction and what have you. I just enjoy watching and it helps me bring my own dream home alive…that's all.

Something I would really love to do but haven't got the opportunity is volunteering. I cannot erase the image of me volunteering off my head. It just never leaves. And I've always felt that way since I was young, as a teenager.


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