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Showing posts from May, 2015
I have been doing more of reading than writing, for a long while now. And when I say "reading", I do not necessarily mean reading a book. I have been reading a lot from the social networks, Facebook in particular. I have liked more pages than I can count (still liking). I also created a group for women only (no foreign members though). I have also taken a 'posting break' as of the 7th of this month. I have different topics of interest and am trying to balance it all. I can't really say my head's been cleared of academic reading or writing for now. I intend to carry out some extensive online research on some of the topics I have lined out. Am  not getting the vibe I usually have before I write presently. But I just had to break the long silence this night, so continuation can be easier, and make it feel just like the old times.