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I have been doing more of reading than writing, for a long while now. And when I say "reading", I do not necessarily mean reading a book. I have been reading a lot from the social networks, Facebook in particular. I have liked more pages than I can count (still liking). I also created a group for women only (no foreign members though). I have also taken a 'posting break' as of the 7th of this month. I have different topics of interest and am trying to balance it all. I can't really say my head's been cleared of academic reading or writing for now. I intend to carry out some extensive online research on some of the topics I have lined out. Am  not getting the vibe I usually have before I write presently. But I just had to break the long silence this night, so continuation can be easier, and make it feel just like the old times.


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I shouldn’t have to struggle to put down the words, I was almost blank for a second there. The thoughts of our homecountry weighed heavily on my mind and I just couldn’t help but make a personal supplication for God to see us through. It isn’t just about the fuel price inflation, but so many ills inherent in the system. Don’t get me wrong, am not preaching for Shari’ah as a legal system, but at least a fair governance of the acclaimed ‘Democracy’ we say we’ve got. So much for government of the people by the people and for the people”! It is so sad to see that people can be so obsessed with power, money and authority, forgetting where they are coming from. I mean these politicians are just ordinary humans like you and I, who have been privileged to attain their status, fairly or by fraud. The question is, how can they close their eyes to the sufferings of the people? Are they also not humans who one day would be swallowed by earth, irrespective of wealth or status? Others have gone and …