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Soul searching...

Every single person has a story. Whether it’s something worth writing or reading about, is a question of interest, and another thing on its own. I know I’ve got stories of my own, with peculiarities and uniqueness, both intertwined.
What I’ve come to learn about life cannot be enlisted in one post, or even two. But it can be summarised as “more than meets the eye”. Some people would judge you from a distance, others would be right under your nose; yet do not see your true image. Some of the things I find really intriguing and interesting is knowing that, no matter how much hatefulness is sweeping across the globe, we still reason alike, we all eat-never mind the difference in taste bud, we sleep, procreate, defeacate, urinate, we smile at things that makes us giggle, cry at the ones that saddens us and express love to the ones we choose to love. Am an ardent lover of inspirational quotes, and so many times I’ve read my thoughts scribbled over the screen by someone hundreds and thousands of miles away that I do not know; and most likely would never meet. In 1997, I wrote a Poem titled “My Angel”, only for Celine Dion to collaborate with R. Kelly with similar title album. In the process of finding something more suitable, and “unusual” for my Blog title, “Sisters Magazine” had their Facebook page named exactly the same thing- I Got it Covered”. I ended up becoming more creative as I go like,” why are they thinking like me for goodness sake”? Several number of times, I’ve read quotes that makes me feel exactly like I wrote it- I go,”Oh!I could have written that” or “it feels like I wrote this”. They of course; more often than not are Caucasians…crystal clear difference! So my conclusion is that, however ugly the world might seem, however unkind and unfriendly some people tend to be, kindness cuts across boundaries. It knows no colour, no race, no ethnic or tribe. The first and major factor should be that-we are all humans afterall. Should we then let animals be kinder to us than we are to ourselves? If we are dreadful of letting someone in, would we rather a robot or machine than humans? If we can help each other to be better, shouldn’t we rather do so for the benefit of the human race in general? If someone offended you, should you take out revenge on someone of the same kind who haven’t crossed your path? Can we not learn to tolerate each other, excuse each other, give as many chances as possible? Could we really not be magnanimous enough to think someone may have behaved a certain way because they are probably not having a pleasant day? Can we not accept that, no matter how good we are too, there is every likelihood of someone not liking you, for no fault of yours but because they feel life is unfair? Can we not understand that, sometimes being good could cause you trouble because, some people may believe you’re being sanctimonious, like an angel? When you laugh through your pains and hurts, some may just take that to mean you’ve got the good life. When you help others, putting aside your own troubles, easily; it is concluded and misconceived as you having no worries at all. We preach love, but act opposite. We see someone make an achievement, and we suddenly become envious. You see someone climbing the ladder and feel they don’t deserve it, because you’re better. The hypocrisy of man is just so laughable, more pathetic than laughable actually. We don’t want to help if we can, unless there’s something given in return. That’s no help, that’s a trade. You can give without expectations, be kind to a stranger. You need to be open- minded and not be too quick to assume. You have the capacity to look beyond people’s mistakes and not hold it against them.  If only we can see that, in the end, we’re just humans, ordinary mortals, with innumerable fallibilities. We just have to forgive each other and learn to live together without wanting to kill each other. I stand and represent peace. Am for peace and I call to peace. Keep an open mind, be more tolerant, try forgiveness in place of vengeance. Do not stereotype, and if you find yourself doing that, leave room for the possibility that this person may just be different. Do not judge from a distance. Hate not, and do not incite hatred. Be considerate and think of others. When you want to flaunt your blessings, don’t do so without caution. Do it amongst the people with whom you share these blessings. Do not go on and on about how sweet your child is, in the presence of a childless person. You talk about how you net six digits and went on a spendthrift, to a friend that can’t afford two square meal. You have a home to call your own, this other person is just scouting here and there. But you carry on about your ceiling and chandeliers. You have been privileged to have an education, do not insult your friend who never got that opportunity. Appraise their skills and tell them how they also contribute to balance the system. Make them feel they are also relevant and an important element in the society. Look down on no one, even if the person was a school drop out, it doesn’t make them useless. Perhaps, they’ve got a skill that you do not. Life in its strangeness can turn tables around just within the snap of a finger. A healthy person could become helpless from an unforeseen accident. Take absolutely nothing for granted- your health, your wealth, your intellect, your privileges, your life, most especially. Remember everything can be taken away at any time.
Sometimes, when bad things happen, it makes us look at life in a whole new way. Make use of this one life you’ve got making a difference in someone’s life, you do not need wealth or riches to do that- utterances and actions; even good thoughts and goodwill. No one promise you tomorrow, so just be good! If you haven’t heard someone’s voice in a long time and think you should, don’t wait or procrastinate, just call them up. And if you’ve been angry because a family member did not meet your expectations, forgive them and remember we’re all going through one thing or another. We mostly share the good and conceal the ugly side.
Am no preacher, just someone who loves humanity and wants to task your mind, and heart to do the same. The change we desire begins with us. Time is valuable. It is fleeting, and awaits no one. Spread some goodness wherever you are.


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