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Working against the distractions, feels like swimming against the tides!

And I feel today is one of such days. I learnt ,about an hour ago that; the window period for submission of my week long overdue assignment, had closed. My bubble was deflated and it still feels like I am in denial. The workload was quite voluminous and there was just no way to get around it; than to read and respond to the questions. There was no two-way about it. It is demoralising and "almost"  discouraging. But there is no quiting here, I knew what I was in for when I signed up for this programme. And as unfavourable as the situation may seem now, I cannot afford to stay in this zone of self pity, but keep going forward. My vision and mission are way too critical to let one missed assignment bring me down. Yes, there's a tentative plan in place to make an appeal to the lecturer in charge. I do not believe in luck, but I am sure, it is what we are about to try now. At least, we must explore that option, before we throw in the towel. It is as if I saw this coming, so …