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And so it came to an end today...

It's the end of my first level and am really grateful to God for His mercies.It's been a very long day I almost forgot I just completed my exams today and not before.

I have registered for a traffic license or something like that.I need this to commence my driving lessons and it means another studying.But It's better I do it now and get it over with.I can't postpone it anylonger.I don't want to be swamped next year with school work and driving lessons.Now that I've finally got my sewing machine,I've developed a new hobby and a passion to'design' or'sew' my own dresses.That's a tall dream but I'll get there someday.Thanks to hubby he took me (after I appealled to him) to the fabric store yesterday and I bought a few threads and some other things I'll be needing to commence my practice.Am so excited and almost impatient to sew what I'll come up with.I really want to sew my daughter a dress and a pair of skirt...maybe even more.That should be easier before I move on to trying my hands on caftan (for myself)!

I was actually exhausted and didn't think I'd here this night blogging.but I relaxed for a while this evening to garner all the energy needed in updating my blog and catching up on my mails.

The days slip by so fast that I fear of not getting things done.I actually stopped making lists of things needed to be done "word for word" a couple of years back.External factors have made some of the plans unachievable and it feels like a waste of time.But realising that I kept certain things on hold deliberately in order to focus on my studies.And now that the session's over for this year,I think it's about time I made that list.I will begin with the 'spring cleanining' of the kitchen.I will take care of the homefront first before I take on the community crusade concept.The weather's been really unprecidtable and unstable.So it makes going out for someone already laid back like me a task.But am going to get up and go out if it isn't raining.I would try to get a simple fabric for the skirt I want to sew and maybe something for moi!Great tings starts from small beginnings..I've got to start from somewhere and not let fear get in my way.I have longed so much for a sewing machine and have no excuse now.

There're a few other commitments I need to take care of and I don't want to lose sight of the fact that Eid's around the corner..even if am going nowhere.I better wrap up now....


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