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I am yet to uncover the reason behind my fatigue and tiredness...and I hope I won't feel this way longer than necessary.If only I had my own gym or some safe place to do my own thing...I'd work out,perhaps,that would help.
I had so mnay thoughts going throuh my mind during the day but just couldn't get around to blogging them out.I need time to get used to the new situation  of not being "alone"anymore.At least not from Monday till Friday.
I honestly don't know if that's my own way of being "territorial".But I like my privacy and always want some time to myself.We've got a domestic help now and I know it's going to feel really awkward until I resume at the office for good.It'd be better than being at home and been conscious that am not'alone'.I have enjoyed my space for so long I never really anticipated this scenario.I guess I should have seen it coming....But then again,'change' is inevitable and I've just got to accept it.
Whoever says Language's a powerful tool couldn't be more right.I'm appreciating the fact that I didn't have the problem of language barrieri n my home country.Being abroad's an eye opener and a form of education too.The truth's just that I've always had a reservation for living in a country with a language barrier.Agreed,English is not my first language,but it's my second best means of verbal communication.I just can't imagine myself being lost or stranded because of communication breakdown .I'd rather take a beginner's book on that language and learn a few words or phrases..I enjoy doing that on my own,by choice-not by coercion or compulsion!I have always had this fantasy of being a 'multi-linguist'.I play around with words from French,Arabic and even Spanish or Italian sometimes.But that doesn't mean am ready to learn any new language at the moment.I even went as far as writing a poem saying a word in different tongues...(4my eyes only)!I also subscribed to's french language in my inbox everyday..(I don't read it...)..
It's the beginning of another day and I've got to rest my eyes for the night....I'm getting froggy in the mornings now.I used to wake up feeling revitalised and refreshed...something must have gone wrong somewhere....!!!
Good morning!


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