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The Guest House!

This is our B&B (bed&breakfast)...Eminence Guest House!!!Although not a recent picture,but it's pretty much the same.The room with those two beds is the last of the rooms(Room 6).I'll try and upload the others later hopefully.The neighbourhood's a little reserved and the residents are mainly average's not a a middle-class community.There used to be more of old people here but that's changed so much now.Some of them had to resell their houses and most of the older generations have passed on.It was a white community..(the Afrikaneers were the original occupants.It's still got a larger population of white folks even though the blacks and Indians seem to be buying homes here now.Overall,it's a good place.We've got a community centre that has a swimming pool and a Clinic.I discovered they used to have a Basketball Court close to the swimming pool ,but it's an old abandoned playground now.At my own time,I will write to the Municipality about reviving the place.Am certain the children would love it.It will keep them off the streets (I mean those who can't swim).

The tree has only grown more leaves.We had to cut the branches off when we put the signpost there as the branches extended and the leaves covered  the it.Anyway,every single house on our street like others in this neighbourhood has got a 'plain' or'barren house' anywhere.And I so love that!We had to raise the fence as guests need to feel safe.The fences are shorter in comparison to others on this street.The entire neighbourhood was originally built with very short fences and bar gates.It used to be residents to retirees back in the apartheid days and that makes it a little over four decades old.Our present home is just across the B&B and that was a blessing!We had tried unsuccessfully to get a place within the a close proximity to the B&B.This offer came on a platter of middleman,no agents,no legalities.

Hospitality business is generally perceived as a 'money spinning' venture (and competitive too) in SA being a tourist nation.But that would be true for those who have been in the business for long and have carved a niche for themselves.There're so many of them around us that we ordinary wouldn't stand a chance.But we're getting there God willing.Business has its peak periods and that includes month ends and weekends.Since our weather's opposite of Europe,US and the United Kingdom,there's usually a flood in of tourists during summer in SA.I need  to have an indepth knowledge of the Industry to know how more about it,We're in Johannesburg and this isn't their top destination for tourism.Gauteng is known and recognised for its fast life and hosts top business companies.It's the commercial centre and the"happening" Province no question about that!Gauteng's the most urbanised city but the smallest amongst the nine,in landscape.It's very beautiful at night and I just love the way the  street lights  gives a glittering of stars on land to the city at night.It's simply a sight to behold!It has a calmness that can't be seen during the day but only at night.It's unbelievably different from the chaos of the day (no hooting here).The hustle and bustle of people knocking off from work and others going for the night shifts.It's very hectic and life's always on the fast lane here.You have got to be smart and alert in Jozi!The slackers always get haunted and taught a bitter lesson.I haven't explored the Province to its fullest,not even half of it.The city even though being the smallest is still big compared to lagos in my homecountry,road maintenance is continous and there're ongoing develpments.SA's definately a very big country.I never stop gazing each time am out.I look at the bare lawns and marvel at the empty spaces that has blended into the atmosphere and added value to it.There're no choked buildings or apartments.They do not even know what'land management' is here!The system works here adn i cannot but always wish things worked too back in my home country.The road lanes are sually about four or six on the freeway..(they call it expressway in my homecountry,Highway in US,I think and Motorway in the UK).They are quite wide and well kept.
The open spaces with lawns are groomed regularly and there are fountains in some places.I could be doing copying and pasting of this amazing city's images but I won't do that because I want to take the pictures myself.I love taking photographs of still images and I have discovered I love photography because I appreciate beauty and love nature.I haven't visited any zoo yet but am in no hurry.I had all t. I won't be able to move around  until I get my own ride.Hubby's consumed with office work and cannot afford to go out that much.But we've agreed that we'll try and change that and go out at least once a while and explore this amazing country.We've been doing that already,but we need to make it regular.How could anyone not want to see more of South Africa?I may not like it here as much as I did England .but that doesn't mean I wouldn't want to be a tourist here.What I intend doing is going out with the kids once we've got a driver (before fulfilling my dream of having a car) and if I haven't commenced my driving lessons by then.I'll just plan ahead and not let school work consume me and overtake my whole life.Sometimes I feel the animals at the zoo enjoy more freedom than I do.Alright,maybe am being a lil' too exerggerative there!But I love the outdoor and prefer outdoor activities to being locked up indoors all day.I love travelling...That's why I can never get addicted to the screen (tv or the internet).So,am going to make some changes God willing come next year and explore with the kids.If only transportation was that easy...(like we do it in Naija)!
Speaking of transportation,the 'gautrain' (it's a coinage from Gauteng and Train) has been launched even though it's not fully functional.The railways to some other parts of the city are still under construction.It will definately be fully operational before the 2010 World Cup...It's a milestone for the Premier of the province (she's female BTW) and am so looking forward to a ride on that train...
I cannot summarise the touch of "Gauteng" in a post..,maybe some other time!!!


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