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It's still a beautiful day!

I was a little grumpy yesterday morning..what you call waking up on the wrong side of the bed.But it only lasted until I got to my exam venue.Hubby delayed me for almost 45minutes and I was really upset.Since I knew there wouldn't be anything nice coming out of my mouth in that state of mind,I refused to muster a word,and kept mute till I got to the Exam Venue (good idea).I kept  telling myself while waiting  for him out side our home that,"don't let this get to you".It worked!I wasn't going to let anything spoil my mood and optimism.I was going to write Public Administration module exam and I felt good about it.I had read enough and was relaxed with the assurance that there won't be any panicking and apprehension like I had with Economics.He tendered no apologies for that delay nor explained why he was late,and that's why I decided to just let it go...male chauvinism!
It rained a little yesterdday but the shower didn't compell me to go with a jacket as I had none to go with what I was wearing....I think I looked elegant..!!Yeah!Allow me to blow my trumpet 'cause it doesn't happen often.I rarely go out and dressing up for anything or any occasion makes a difference.I've been wearing more of combatant  (I like it casual),so putting on a pair of skirts made me feel like some working class pro...(not that I envy them though).The exam went smoothly and I had to manage my time efficiently because I tend to get carried away when am writing essays.The exam was all essay type and I had prepared for that.I didn't stress about finishing everything or attempting to impress the marker.I just did my thing and left the rest to faith.I may not pass exceedingly high,but I'm not going to flunk it either.
Am still undecided about the modules to choose as my selectives in the coming level.I am going to really take my time and pick wisely.I'm leaning more towards Administration and Information Science.But time will tell.

So the weather's beautiful today and am certain the expectations and longing of people for summer is becoming a reality,slowly but surely.If being indoors mean seeing less of half-naked people walking the streets,then it's fine by me.There're ways to dress even if the temperature rises to 40 degrees .I don't think cleavage's the answer and the young ones can be spared of indecent exposure.Well,what am I even whinning about?This is SA now,anything goes!

I cannot say if am ever going to outgrow my feeling of wanting to conquer the world..I always worry about things that doesn't affect me directly and always want to get everyone out of trouble..(like I don't have mine too).like am some 'superhero'.The thing is,I just hate to see people in pain and I always want to help where I can.And this morning,just less than an hour ago I had the cause to smile over a situation I hoped would get better.It did!One of our neighbours on the right handside had some family problems.I got to know about this because I asked after his kids who're same age as mine and then got a shocking news.They had gone,where to?With their mother to some place and that she's left him for good.I was utterly shocked and probably would have considered it a rumour if I didn't get the news firsthand from my him (I even tld him so).He said they had been gone for over two weeks and I couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor man.He's out of job and I had linked him up with someone to help see if he could find him a job.I told him I wished that things had turned out differently and that for the sake of the kids,he finds a job soon.That was sometime last week.This morning hubby says I should ask if he can drive when next I see him  (we need someone at the guest house to do that).Conincidentally, just as hubby drove out of the house I saw my neighbour and asked him if he could drive and he said'no'.I wish he could drive because he'd have been employed almost instantly.After this, he gave me the good news..his wife's back!!!I saw her and one of the kids earlier but didn't think they were back for good.I thought the kids were probably around to visit their father.I had also caught a glimpse of the youngest of the kids during the weekend but didn't jump to conclusions.I was hoping that he'd tell me she's agreed to come back...and she has now.
I can't really say if the ordeals I had to go through while growing up makes me this concerned or it's the genes I inherited from my father.or a combination of both.(It's got to be both).I was worried and didn't want to imagine what life the kids would be faced with if their parents finally get a divorce.It really made me sad that there was nothing I could do.Am only a foreigner and of diffferent culture and background.They're even whites and not blacks.But then,we've always had a cordial relationship because I give the kids snacks and the like.At some point,the eldest son had made it a habit to await me and just ask me for anything everytime he sees me.I got disturbed about that attitude at some point becauase I didn't want to indulge him int he name of feeling sorry for them.I could end up doing this and the poor kids not realising that it's not a good habit to beg everyone or people in general for edibles.I was cautioned by someone not to give them anything edible.The person giving me this admonition is from my country and a medical doctor.She said God forbid I gave the kids something that would cause me trouble..To be candid,I agreed that could happen but didn't yield to the advise as I still gave the poor boy something afterwards.I knew I was doing it for good and the boys asks because he's hungry.I stopped being charritable long after because it got out of control.I practically stopped but not completely.The bottomline is,I just see them as ordinary humans and empathised with their situation.I've also got kids of my own and everyone knows life's tough in SA.Things don't generally come cheap and having to deal with that being out of job is just unimaginable.So,I expressed my best wishes and told him that we'll still keep the word out for him about his job hunt and that I was indeed very glad his wife had returned.I even asked if she was going to stay (for good) and he replied in the affirmative.He was quite grateful and really thanked me.I felt like I had done something big.And it just reminded me why I enjoy paying attention and lending a listening ear to people's problems.The reason I wanted to study psychology and anything related with interaction with people.The truth is that I don't fake it.I can't fake it.I am always genuinely concerned and I think that's what people need to know.People need to know that someone cares without wanting or expecting anything back in return.That's what my faith teaches,to be good to people.To be kind towards your neighbours.

People aren't generally friendly here,they mostly keep to themselves.But the open-minded ones relate with us irrespective of us being foreigners and being blacks.I also know how to keep to myself and not overstep my boundaries.We're being surrounded by Afrikaneers and we're amongst the few blacks on our street  (there're only five houses belonging to blacks on our side of the street and we seem to be the odd one out).The rest are from Southern Africa hence,speaks similar languages.Anyway,I know that even though I don't have the capability to throw money around or be financially generous,I do greet them with a smile. I've also got a bunch of kids who just run to hug me and say hello each time they come across me on the streets.Ironically,I've never had any black kid or adults being friendly until recently.A girl of about 12 or 13 just walked up to me and asked if I was a Muslim  (because of the way I'm dressed).That was how she started a conversation with me and she was fond of my daughter who she complimented as being beautiful  (she is,everyone says so at least).So,she's joined the league of my 'young admirers'.I ran into her again last week while returning with the kids from school.That's when I usually get to have contacts with them....when I got to fecth the kids from school.I always leave an imprint wherever I go.I try to do soemthing different in every little way I know how and try to impact people positively.I also met the pool keeper at the community centre who's an Indian South African and was delighted to greet me.He introduced himself as a Muslim.That's not unexpected as the Muslims in this country constitutes largely of the Indians and the coloureds...(there're many foreigners  who are as well).He's an elderly man!I have'nt met anyone my age or even my peers who seem like they want to have a 'chat'....That would only happen at the Clinic which I don't frequent like the first year we got here...I hate the long waits.So,I guess that,even if I don't have any friends (more acquintances),am sure that I would not depart this neighbourhood without someone noticing that am gone!I've made a difference and wish I would make more.I hope to get more time in the future and then go to the Primary school to volunteer an english class or a reading class for the pupils.At the community centre,I will endeavour to find out more about the dilapidated basketball court and if it's possible to get the Municipality revive the place (I'll ask the pool man what happened to the placed and how it used to be,he knows the stuffs).What I really wanted was something participatory and interactive.There isn't a place where everyone could gather (like a hall) and do creative arts or something more educational (and fun too).we could ahev discussion groups and these kids could be mentored and educated about being young and educated rather than being teeange mothers and school drop-outs.I've seen some of those projects on the tv and some places have it while others lack it.We can't have it all,I guess.But it's worth the try.I want to make a difference!


  1. welldone working .Barakallahu fikum.Ishola

  2. he he he he he........look who's decided to stop-by!thanks..will do!!!


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