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"Most of the things worth doing in the world had been declared impossible before they were done."-Louis D.Brandeis

I just found this saying in my blogger dashboard subscriptions and found it inspiring.So I decided to use it as my title.
I had a mysterious experience three days ago.I guess it's true that wonders shall never end.I had some international calls to make and got airtime on my way to pick the kids from school.Getting back home,I only found the two coins,the note along with the airtime vouchers had disappeared.It seemed like magic,but it happened.I told the employee at the guest house and she said it probably fell off my pocket,but that's just one way of looking at it.I thought I misplaced it.I just found it mysterious because the coins would have fallen off my pocket along with the note and the vouchers,being a metal object.But God knows best..I let it slip by.
The employee at the guest house's on her break-she gets four days off monthly and travels home to see her family.She's left since Thursday morning to return tomorrow,all things being equal.I've had to fill in for her since we're still short of one staff and it's been hectic.It's a bit overwhelming this time as it's distracted me from my revisions.I've got a Literature exam on Monday and am yet to round up the revision..more like cramming or memorising actually.The exam's almost a replica of the essay assignment (I scored more than 60%),but that doesn't make it any easier.I did the assignment under an enormous pressure with a speed that didn't give me the privilege of assimilation.Am not a crammer,I usually read to understand and to remember.I memorise,not cram.But that doesn't mean I won't do cramming if under duress!Ok,so with this module,like the next and the last of my exams,I really passed it well in the assignments that one would have thought the exam'd be a piece of cake...think again!Somehow,am not stressed about it and I don't seem to like that feeling.It seems over-confident and over-confidence doesn't work for me!I just do my thing as assured as I can be.I study well and I never joke around with important things.I guess I'm even too mature for that.Anyway,whatever it's going to take,I've got to squeeze out time tomorrow to ingest and digest whatever's left to be swallowed in that module.I don't ever want to cross that Literature path again...I'm moving on to explore other things,God willing.I think I've been done with Literature since the last day I wrotre my final secondary school exams.I've just been too stubborn to accept it.I think it's about time I let go.
Am a little tired and have muscular pains.Too much clesning had a toll on me.Tomorrow doesn't look less stressfuleither-we've got to go shop for groceries.And that equals,less time for relaxation.We'll see how it goes......Am tired!
Signing out!


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