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"Never say "NEVER"!

I got back from my exam centre a little over two hour ago and I had a good laugh at myself.Alright,I've never said that” I can NEVER be a victim of what happened to me today, but knowing my nature and how annoyingly meticulous I can be, I may have said so! Whatever lesson am supposed to learn from today's experience, I have learnt very well indeed. I have learnt to be more thorough (I'm actually too thorough already) as far as studying with a distant learning institution is concerned. I usually take note of little things and always go by the saying of” anything worth doing at all is worth doing well”. I am one of those nerdy students who go extra mile and take studies very seriously. I guess I should have realised that I get distracted some times and I strain my brain. I do that a lot. I’ve read some where that tasking the brain is good and I think over-stimulation's my own problem presently.

Where do I begin? Is it from the fact that, I had been at the centre today two hours ahead of time or that I only discovered that I was prepared for the wrong exam? Or is it the fact that I had not even revised the reviewed assignment that was supposed to serve as a guide and the examination focus? Or should I begin by saying that I didn't realise this mistake until less than an hour before the exam was to commence?

I went into the hall to use the ladies room and decided to just check my seat number.Alas! The course code was a different one from what I was reading and the notebooks I brought to the centre with. I was perplexed and confused. Where would I begin from? I hadn't read the nine-page drama summary for the exam. I already know it's a compulsory question, but I take my modules one at a time. I had completely forgotten exam format and what to really expect as I only browsed through it once. I had to think on my feet and I did without any further hesitation. The clock was ticking and time wasn't my friend! I rushed out and asked if there was anyone sitting for the same module but couldn't find any student. I then resolved to call my hubby.I started by telling him how "stupid" I've been, reading for a different exam paper. To my bewilderment, he didn't add salt to my injury by affirming my assertion. He just asked if he should come fetch me to take me home in order to get the printed drama I had to read. I also didn't recall I had the key to the house with me.Well, to cut a long story short, he came to get me. I was very time conscious and decided to do some trekking and meet him on the way.Afterall, I would be sitting down getting more apprehensive if I didn’t get something else doing. It reduced the timing and the tension. I spent an extra five minutes outside the hall before I went in to write the exam. Something I have learnt in my adolescence is not to panic. I have inculcated the habit of remaining calm in situations that could be escalated by panic. It’s not easy to do that but I have learnt it and it's working for me. So I just relaxed and read the summary, more like flip through it actually. I just browsed through the main characters'names, their roles and the setting of the Drama. Well it was a good thing I didn't waste too much time reading the nine pages as that question was going to earn me only fifteen marks....I was working towards not losing fifty-five marks over sheer carelessness. If I hadn’t known what to write at all, it would mean I'd fail the mdoule, re-register for it, go through the very rough and hard time I had this year, have an extra workload next year, unable to do my major modules in communication and the last choices would be to either register for another module to replace it or push it forward for an extra year at ways!!!

So, at the end of the day I wrote the exam and it wasn't as bad as I had feared Of course I was still going to suffer a few setbacks as I couldn't recall the author of my narrative play, and another character in the given narrative.Overall, I did alright and like I've said before, if I do not pass exceedingly well since am aiming to graduate with a first class, I would not flunk this module either. I have done my best and left the rest to God. He was actually looking out for me because; discovering that I wasn’t prepared for the listed exam would have been more destabilizing and disorientating if I hadn't gone to check for my seat number. As it turned out, I was about the only one who showed up for the exam. From the list, we should have been three. That’s the lowest I've seen since writing exams at the centre last semester.

Once again, I’ve just been reminded why I had to make other choices and let Literature die a natural death.Afterall; it’s not like anyone's going to ask me to produce my certificate in Theory of Literature if I decide to write a book in the future. Enough brain tasking for a year!!!

Am just happy that I had the cause to laugh over this incident because I would have been really disappointed with myself. I had worked really hard this semester and had scored 96% in the assignment. I also had the help of a very special young lady. Thanks to her inputs when I was completely lost on where to begin the module. How I wish that score would count more for my overall pass mark! I just cannot imagine failing after all the handwork and the pressure the entire semester. Scoring a 100% in the assignment of the other module doesn't count much either. There’s a whole lot of work to be done in the exams. This would be simpler and easier in the sense that, it’s going to be a replica of the assignments (or so I've read).But it's a lot to remember. I have done my revision well and God willing shouldn't have any problem attempting the questions.

Case closed on this matter. Am starving seriously.....It's some minutes to 4 p.m and I've not had a single meal today. Some people can't write exams on an empty stomach, not me. I just didn't feel like grubbing this morning and that's not unusual with me. I have recently decided to be more consistent with my meals and make sure I eat breakfast everyday. Old habits they say die hard, but I'll get there....


  1. hey sorry for what happened...but im pretty sure u managed it...I trust you....


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