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When calmness overtakes me....

I do not usually give relevance to my age or how older am getting except when I want to"claim my rights" and when I look back and see how far I've come.These days,I couldn't agree more that "life is indeed a teacher".The downside of being forgiving is being taken for granted,pushed around and taken advantage of.I've been that road before.I have stopped feeling sorry for myself without pronouncing it.I have grown more philosophical without losing focus or being misguided.I have learnt tolerance without compromise of my most valued principles.I have come to realise that I cannot continue to view myself from someone else's mirror.I have done some stock-taking and have revamped my thoughts.I have refined my focus and mission.I'm also very glad that I am discovering myself like never before and it's helped in prioritising issues.As cliched as the saying of "life is too short goes",it's still quite relevant and true.

A week ago I had to attend the unprepared baby shower,and it was my very first.It was more of a get-away from my recluse life than a fun gathering.It was good to be out of the home and have interaction with different people for a change.I would have had more fun were there no language barriers.Yes,I was once again caught in the midst of indegenous South Africans.The ladies spoke Zulu (maybe with a mixture of Suthu) and I had to be all smiley to be part of the fun.I couldn't afford to feel left out.And I respect that they didn't have to adopt english as the medium of communication just to make me fit in.At least,not for such gathering.I just likened it to me being amongst my sisters in Islam.The chances of speaking english in place of our mother tongue isn't just feasible.I had to be objective and considerate.What I however would have appreciated more would have been a little effort and consideration on their part to mix the languages...I was "invited"..remember?Anyway,if for any reason I had to be in such gathering again,I'd make it clear that I'd feel more relaxed and welcomed if they'd adopt english majorly to accomodate me.It's not compulsory I attend,so they can just spare me and have fun all they can.I felt I owed it to the expecting mother and her sister-in-law to attend.It was reciprocal as I've never visited them before and they never mince words in reminding me that I've always absconded (they see more of my husband).That was how the day went!!!
I am not even trying these days,calmness just overtakes me in matters I used to stress about before.Whether that's part of growing up or an unconscious tranquility,I cannot say.All in all,I say"alliamdulillah (all praise belongs to God)!!!


  1. My compliments for your blog,I encourage you to photoblog,

    Even week another photo album

    Greetings from Italy,


  2. Thanks for the suggestion Marlow...grazie!


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