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call it blabbing....

If only I can capture the blissful breeze blowing outside now. Besides the rain, a weather like this calms me and gives me the tranquility that doesn’t come often.
Hmmm! “What do I know about men”? That was the question hubby asked me as we were in the middle of a matter that concerned a third party. What a question!
I may not have been around for long, but I sure have been around long enough to know a thing or two about men. They are first and foremost egocentric beings. No apologies there, just stating the fact.
I don’t think I've got the feel I need to write about that subject now. When I eventually do, it won’t be an essay… would be a ‘book’!
So I have been trying to re-ignite my passions. I honestly don’t know where to begin, but I’m going to figure it out soon, God willing. I have heard the saying” Jack of all master of none” for as long as I can remember. But I think there may be an exception to that statement. Besides, I think what you do matters. If it’s a completely different thing; you know? Like “diverting” or “diversifying”. If you are still within the same field but different sections/fields, then you can’t call it “Jack of all’. I think branching out completely would call for that saying…
Alright, I know! Maybe am just trying to convince myself that aspiring to do more than one thing is okay.  So I want to be a journalist, a broadcaster, presenter and an editor. Did I mention producer and director? Oh! Yes, an author too. So all these are related one way or the other. So I can certainly ‘do all and be all’, God on my side.
Doing other things has distracted me from doing the things I love and enjoy most like writing for instance. I have brought out past written poems, contests I entered, even letters. I know I get inspired when I read my past writings. But what am giving utmost consideration now is editing. If only I could get a job in editing, no qualifications required. Now how often does that happen?
That was me babbling a week back...
Post originally drafted on 24th October...


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