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Down memory lane...

The month has come to an end, and so is the year, approaching the end. I was in one of those moods today. The mood where I want nothing but a mere wishful thinking. 
A fantasy of turning back the hands of time. It appears I have closed my mind to learning and accepting that, “what’s past is past, forward is the only way to go. I can look back but never try to turn back…that I need to move on”. I know this is undeniably true, 
but I sometimes choose to remain in that twilight of wishes and daydreams…There is a difference in this pattern though…Paradoxical, huh? The difference is that I deliberately choose to go down that lane, flashbacks and memories of the good old days. It wasn’t like things were all smooth and interesting. But it was a period in my life that I would never forget, unless my memory is erased.
I have been recalling the school drama, the school organized and in which I partook in commemoration of World AIDS DAY, fifteen years back! That sounds like a lifetime ago…Alliamdulillah, am still alive. Those extra-curricular activities were avenues I explored and felt free to really and truly express myself. It felt really good, those years. School was my ‘comfort zone’, my ‘haven’ away from condemnation and rejection. It always felt good, boosted my self esteem because I knew I was someone and could be recognized for what I could do. Being the best English student, the best literary student wasn’t enough. 
I could and sure did more. And so it’s always with  excitement that I recall some of the school outings that gave me that sense of belonging. It’s  paradoxical how life unfolds. 
I can  in all honesty and not with  pride, earnestly say that, those were the most interesting times of my life. You know what they say, it gets more complicated as you grow older…huh! Life, oh !Life!
Ok, so I went down memory lane today because tomorrow’s the first of December and I just never forget the HIV/AIDS School Drama Competition. My school came fourth amongst seven or eight schools. It was fun. Acting on the stage was different and I got to learn you ‘never’ back your audience in a stage drama. So the first four schools were selected to form another team, and the play was now taken to the theatres…awesomely cool, huh? 
But we didn’t get to see the drama. We had performed it, so now the audience could enjoy…But we did know, our amateur, high school faces were on the big screen, in the theatres…And I bet we made a difference. I still remember most faces, some even with names. My school mates were part of the drama group and some of the lads were from our neighbouring schools.; most of whom am still friends with. It was really fun. I remember some of the silly things that went with that drama. I mean, it was a competition and everyone wanted to be recognised and commended for their roles…I think I would go on and on if I don’t pause now…Am still awake!


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