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It’s becoming a routine that every year, Eid would seem like ‘an ordinary day. The few exceptions are the people and the Sheep..I think it would remain “people” as the only exception because we now slaughter Lamb on any other day.
As if that was not enough, I had to deal with hubby saying we were no longer going to the office (I had plans, you know)!In the first place, we were not supposed to be at the office today. But since Islamic holidays are not observed here, the kids had to go to school. We decided they would be home tomorrow;since Eid will be observed here tomorrow and not today.
So when we eventually agreed that I go to the mall to get the items that would be needed for the cooking tomorrow, I was told to hike…Hike?Hike from the mall to the office;with assistance from the young lad from office. How much torture do I need? Well, I went to the mall.And it was nothing I expected. I had not imagined I would be waiting at the mall to be taken back home ,longer than I did shopping. I was made to wait for two and half hours. I wouldn’t say I was frustrated ,but I sure was silently upset. In the spirit of Eid-ul Adha,I decided I would not take out my annoyance on anyone. I was consciously telling myself that I won’t be angry. I had to keep that frame of mind because I was seriously upset. I felt really offended and taken for granted. I typed a memo on my phone at some point as an outlet of what was boiling inside of me. I had spent the early hours of the morning sending Eid greetings to friends on Facebook, and a few text messages to some friends back home and the few Muslims I can reach here. I just kept on reminding myself that my itinerary had been preplanned by God and that no amount of anger was going to change anything. That positive frame of mind kept me going for the two and half hour long wait.
Still had to spend another two hours in the kitchen after I got home. I had to prepare dinner and get started with the little things we could, for tomorrow. It’s going to be a long day. Sorry, I mean “today”-It’s already 17th of November and I should be in Bed. I didn’t take a nap and am wondering why am still awake now. It’s almost 1.a.m and I think it’s best I go to bed right about now…
It’s raining BTW…It’s tempting also. I Love the rain ,it gives me an unspoken comfort and I could type on till daybreak, if I don’t stop now!


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