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When I finally got my very first that is!

 I finally got my very own laptop today. Alliamdulillah, it’s long overdue!
I had resigned to fate and wasn’t keen about it anylonger. But of course, am excited about it, like anyone else would. Although, my day was alright, but the evening wasn’t pleasant and I will be going to bed in that manner. I sure do not feel like talking now. Besides, who would I be chatting with? The kids are off to bed now, and am clearly not in the mood for any chit-chat with hubby this night. I think this is a very good time to sleep. It’s coming naturally….Early to bed………………..fill in the gap!
Nightly night!
That post was from Tuesday. Between then and now, my husband’s phones (had been stolen, I completed the training brochure I was working on yesterday, thankfully. Alliamdulillah, and we have reclaimed hubby’s Blackberry; for the second time in eight months. God help us!
Editing is something I enjoy doing, I haven’t really given it much thought until now. It’s always been part of me. Am not the best English language student around, but I enjoy reading for editing purpose only. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, it’s part of the media possibilities that could be explored in the future; God willing.
So, we have hired a new staff at the office. Someone who has taken a lot of strain off my husband’s shoulders. I have nicknamed him a ‘genius’ whether he’s too modest to accept it or not. He’s a software programmer, graduated with a first class in an IT course.I am always challenged when I work with brilliant minds...It keeps my brain working at a fast pace...and I like that!

Owing a laptop is long overdue, so you can understand why I wasn’t particularly excited. I am grateful to my husband for doing that for me. It means my home desktop can take a break for now. I think e better start computer lessons for the kids with that.
Ok, now am muddling everything up together. Actually, not being able to keep my blog updated regularly usually leaves me with so many disjointed thoughts.

Post originally drafted on 12th October,2010


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