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Why till 'morrow?

Do not wait till tomorrow, what you can do today
Often times we hear the saying, “Life is too short”…
Same old song, we say and then dismiss it,
If only we could take a pause to ponder,
Why this saying ?
I think reality hits us,
When someone we knew or a loved one pass on,
Yet we need not wait till this happens,
For every minute of every hour and every day,
New lives are brought into the world…
So while some rejoice in cheerfulness and excitement,
Some mourn in anguish for an irreparable loss,
So why wait till you lose someone,
Before truly realizing that life is indeed short?
Let’s make the best use of the time that is now…
Be good, do good, be kind, be considerate, be thankful for little blessings,
Thank God and say “Thank you” to someone today…
I just did!


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