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Life is a teacher...

The way I deal with things are different. Call it a case of different strokes for different folks. Some may call me a pessimist, but I know better! In this life, count on no one but your self (after God, that is). I saw it coming, I knew I may likely lose the registration for this Semester. I just prepared myself for the worse that could happen. Am supposed to be at an advantage now, considering that I would get my study materials in about two week’s time, God willing. And it gives me a long pace of time to study ahead for the exams. But then again, that’s a question of other factors, like getting the prescribed books on time.
I am not a lay-back; I just do not force things to happen, I push when I think it’s worth a try. I don’t give up on what really matters, the ones that are really important and inexcusable. But others that may be determined by human factors especially. I may just relinquish without much fight. People disappoint, they mostly do. So why put all your hopes in one basket with so much expectations, only to set yourself up for disappointment? I’ve learnt my lessons. I hardly get disappointed because, I use the 50-50 factor. Fifty, it goes well, fifty, there’s a chance it may not. I may even apportion that with one side higher than the other. It’s better that way, it works for me that way.
Life is a teacher, the longer you live, the more you learn. And the choice is yours!
Have a great week ahead!


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