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...before this month ends!

Even breaking the jinx is a struggle…And am beginning to wonder if my “Blog” won’t die a natural death! But trust me, I ain’t giving in just yet, I mean, never would I no matter how long it takes to update, I shall just stick to it!

Well, Life happens. And if anything, I am one of those few, who relish on the good times in absence of “new ones”. Life happens, that’s just it. Life certainly happens. Am going through a phase now and I’m reminding myself it would only last for some time. What else would I do? I mean, Libya’s in disarray for ‘Political Democracy, Syria, Iran, Egypt Tunisia, there’s an endless uprising for political change in the middle-East…The Tsunami and Earthquake that hit Japan is a disaster of the century…Do not count the millions in Yen, but the lives of those dead. New Zealand had an unfair share of these natural disasters, thank God for minimal damage. Albeit these horrific incidents, thousands, millions are living in penury, hundreds dying each day from one curable disease or something different, but equally deadly. I look around and I cannot but count myself amongst the fortunate ones. I have said that, I think the calamity that befell Japan was a reminder from God that, ”there’s a Superior Being” upstairs…God help us all. An entire generation has been wiped out completely. So when I think of whatever is bothering me right now, it’s inarguably insignificant compared to the world’s problems. But, just because am human, I may easily get enwrapped in my own thoughts and worries occasionally.
In short, what I am trying to say is that, whether you’ve got it all or not, count your blessings and be grateful for the little things that counts. Do not lose sight of the fact that, the best things in life aren’t “things” but people!


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