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When you don't get to take a break from parenting...

The energy children display can be too much, even for an adult to handle. You would be surprised.
Considering a four year old is not required to get any serious work done it could be quite overwhelming to get this bubbly tots under control. Hardly are they under control. So when my tete-a-tete went through one hear, and came right out the other, I knew it was time to remind her there are other activities aside a non-stop summary of her cartoon characters. My head was about to get spinning, and it is just past 10.a.m in the morning... still a long way from dusk. So i just rolled out the list of, "other things you could do" - colouring, painting writing of numbers and alphabets and so on. So I got the few minutes break before she gets bored with colouring, and the next chat begins... 😁😁😁