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Constructive Criticism!

Correct Like You Care! We often may not be able to tell between guiding someone to do something correctly, and scolding them for doing it wrongly; without the actual correction. It's a thin line. You probably might have come across the viral post about how the "Yoruba mother corrects with all kinds of insults"...but none of which we take seriously now. Being a child then, you may think differently when your mother refers to you as an imbecile. But of course, you know she birthed you and would never wish for a disabled child. Now that we are older and know better, we generally agree they never meant those words. But fast-forward to present day married or not, your partner or work colleagues tells you, 'you're a dumb head' , or 'empty brained' while attempting to correct you, how would you feel? Or your spouse tells you the reason the house is untidy is because you were picked from the gutters? Or say, you do not know how to care for a child because you…

It seems impossible until it is done!

These lines would only come in handy, when I can finally sigh with relief that, I have put my Honours programme behind me.
Even when quitting wasn't an option, I did ask myself a number of times if I wasn't bitting more than I could chew. I was choking on assignments, and there was no way around it. Am seated in front of the desktop now, but tired. And this is me, diffusing and decongesting my head, before I get right on it.
Like anything else in life, we must find the purpose for doing something; particularly if that thing takes so much of your energy, mentally and physically. If it drains you and zaps the enthusiasm out of you at some point. You should retrace your steps and remind yourself, why you began it in the first place. If the reason is convincing and satisfactory enough,then you've got your answer. Your should not, and cannot afford to throw in the towel. The efforts will be rewarded in the long run.
I felt like taking a break but, I could not. I realised whenev…