Saturday, September 1, 2012


Too beautiful not to share...looks like an image from the fairy tales...somewhere in Malaysia!

Just another thought...

As much as I like this quote, I' also quick to admit" that, saying what (how) you feel could really land you into trouble.We know what "freedom of speech" means..."There's no absolute freedom of speech...

Saturday, June 30, 2012

You know that feeling,when you get a rush of ideas and thoughts that kind of attempts to convince you ,you can "conquer the world"?Yeah!That's pretty much what I've had to handle lately.
With the recurrent crises back home, the bad news just keeps coming and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon. Please pardon my pessimism, but am I actually the only one who feels this way?
We've got a clueless leadership, a bunch of corrupt-ridden losers and some greedy old fools; who don't give a hoot about the image they portray us to be-another 'terrorised underdeveloped African country'...
Inspite of all that's happened, I can't turn my back on my homeland. It just wouldn't work for me. I have no statistics of how many "diasporans" feel the way I do. But there's something in me that  wouldn't just give up on my birthland. perhaps, that's the reason..."It's my birth land". The place where my father met a woman from another part of Africa, who naturalised as a Nigerian, born by parents of diversed nationals, and I came to being through them. I've got the blood of three different African  nationals flowing in my veins and I am proud of that. Some may say it's easier to 'sweet talk' from a distance, but I beg to differ. We all feel what we feel for different reasons and I have a strong inclination the feelings wouldn't change, whether I am in Europe or the United States. There was a time I thought stepping on the soil of America was my "ultimate" aspiration. Somehow, I still have a fantasy I hope to fulfill...stepping on the soil of United States for real, but I don't think my life would be less meaningful if I don't...I may have fantasised a lot as a young child, and still on a discovery journey in life, but I know better now, and certainly know that, one of the greatest losses of life is to forget or be detached from your heritage,to be in denial of your roots, without history, it's a complete loss of identity...Why on earth would I want to deny "who I truly am"? Am I kidding anyone besides myself...Am black, naturalisation won't change that...vitiligo can try but wouldn't even succeed...

Iv'e got 8mins before mid-night and want this post to make June 30th....(to be continued)!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Delayed post from February 29th 14.39pm

I just couldn’t let this month end without a single post. That would be unjustifiable considering this is a memorable month for ‘us’…Us being my hubby and I. It was our ninth anniversary on the 22nd which also happen to be a birth date of a couple of my friends. Besides that, February was also the month I travelled to the UK, eight years back! Whao! Eight whole years? Sounds like a lifetime ago. Now returning back home, I also left for the Republic of Benin, a neighbouring country; where I had my second child. That was on the 9th of February, 2006. Am sure there are a few other things that happened in February which may not come to mind at the moment. But the above as mentioned were ‘landmarks’ so to speak.
I thought I was at the end of my tether because I’ve been having a big struggle with my studies. Things are just not falling into place at the moment. I can’t really pin-point the cause, but I must admit that am hugely distracted and even realizing that hasn’t helped much. Now it’s either I get over whatever is pre-occupying my mind, or be ready to have several supplementary exams (trust me, that isn’t an option am settling for). Even logging out of Facebook from my Blackberry has not helped like I thought it would. But there’s hope as I have succeeded in connecting with a few other students sharing same modules and we are working on our assignments and sharing ideas. I think most importantly, we have given each other the moral support taking the isolation of distance learning out of the equation. It is pretty challenging and requires a whole lot of discipline. Sometimes you just can’t help the situation because, things will happen at home that would get you distracted when you least need it. You want to have a piece of the action, but can’t afford to get carried away because, the reality’s staring at you in the face…the clock’s ticking  and your time will soon be up! Several assignments to go and exam is also approaching! How time flies when 24hours isn’t enough! But I have to get over all the distractions, someway somehow…I’ve just got to. I need to! Oh! And goodbye February…Wink! Wink!!
And it's welcome March...Yeah!And it's my month!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Homeland crises...

I shouldn’t have to struggle to put down the words, I was almost blank for a second there.
The thoughts of our homecountry weighed heavily on my mind and I just couldn’t help but make a personal supplication for God to see us through. It isn’t just about the fuel price inflation, but so many ills inherent in the system. Don’t get me wrong, am not preaching for Shari’ah as a legal system, but at least a fair governance of the acclaimed ‘Democracy’ we say we’ve got. So much for government of the people by the people and for the people”! It is so sad to see that people can be so obsessed with power, money and authority, forgetting where they are coming from. I mean these politicians are just ordinary humans like you and I, who have been privileged to attain their status, fairly or by fraud. The question is, how can they close their eyes to the sufferings of the people? Are they also not humans who one day would be swallowed by earth, irrespective of wealth or status? Others have gone and yet that seem not to be a lesson for them. The most powerful tyrants have gone under and so will many others. Is this not enough lesson to remind them of the inevitable reality of death  that may come unannounced?  
To what glory would these amassed wealth, riches be after they have gone? The accumulated wealth will feed generations yet unborn, but they cannot resist the greediness to acquire more. What is it with the people we have entrusted with our welfare mismanaging and looting our funds? Hard earned money of the lower class? The money derived from  the sweat and labour of workers who never get to reap the fruits of their labour. We are also a part of the cancerous problems facing our country. We sell out, we compromise, we forget, we care less, we get greedy, we are impatient and conscienceless. The youths that should work towards rescuing this country are in the wrong path. There is desperation to amass wealth without having to labour. We look for the easy way out and give-in to degrading and dehumanizing means to achieve this. We need to be reminded that, whatever we do today, will have a ripples effect somehow. The indirect consequence of our bad ways leaves us with a bleak future and little left for our children and the ones yet unborn. We cannot call Nigeria our country and not be concerned. The expatriates come to our lands, take over our businesses because we have made them believe they can do it better, really? We are close to the benefits, yet refuse to see it. The people from a distance see clearer and have come to take away our birth rights. Rights that some have fought for and laid down their lives. The rights that we would have to make sacrifices to achieve in a foreign land. But this is home! Even the Hollywood stars are tracing their roots back to Africa. What story would you tell the child that schooled abroad or even here at home, but cannot speak his mother tongue? Do you think reverse would be the case? That a foreigner would prefer to have his child speak your language and be completely ignorant of his roots? We are also part of the problem. We have to take pride in what we have and cherish our heritage. We have to see that there is something to be savoured even in the wreck we have left. The leading countries today take pride in their heritage. If we continue to condemn and rebuke, depart and refuse to be a part of the change that we need, who then would come to our rescue- our colonial masters? The military or some confused eccentric set of degenerates that have slain innocent lives under the guise of faith? This country belongs to you and I. It belongs to all of us. And until we also appreciate the need to make our own contribution to lifting it up, until we realise that even that little contribution does make a difference, we would have nothing left to call out country. We would not have the pride to say…”I was a part of it”. Think deep and act wisely people. Let the change you want to see begin with you!